"grounds for discovery" exhibit

Grounds for Discovery is an exhibit highlighting the spectacular fossils that have been discovered in collaboration with Alberta's industries. It also unveils a completely new dinosaur – a nodosaur that is incredibly preserved and documented in detail by National Geographic. The exhibit opened at the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology in May 2017 and will be open for three years.


I led the exhibit's environmental graphic design, including the logo, colour scheme, typography, text panels, and illustrations. Additional responsibilities included:

  • assisting the 3D designer in developing interactives
  • art directing the work of contracted out-of-house artists
  • strategizing content with the writer and interpreter, ensuring designs were in line with narrative goals and learning objectives
  • liaising with out-of-house printers to fabricate text panels
  • assisting with exhibit installation

See the exhibit graphics in more detail here.


The 3D designer (Collin Hnetka) and I collaborated to create a visual identity that is clean and modern. The heavy, geometric motifs, rectilinear shapes, and pops of bright colour are meant to reflect the themes of industry, machinery, and cutting-edge science.


Wire animal sculptures by Jeff de Boer. Graphic novel illustrations by James Gilleard.