Fossils in Focus is a rotating gallery space that showcases the Royal Tyrrell Museum's latest research as well as old treasures that have never previously been on display. This is the second rotation that I've worked on.


This time, I was in charge of replacing the 3D elements for new specimens going in. This included all plinths within the cases, individual mounts, lighting, and the cable display of hanging glass models. (I did not design the outer vitrines that contain the specimens.) I was also responsible for the exhibit's overall 2D visual identity, which remains in place from the exhibit's first iteration.

I worked with technicians to determine in-case lighting for specimens, and create mounts that would support fossils seamlessly and securely.

The glass models below are magnified representations of fossil pollen. They are suspended on steel cables and lit internally, so that visitors can view them from all angles and catch minute details in the models. The whole display is a true collaboration of science and art.